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Aeonium smithii Succulent Plant Seeds Smith’s Giant Houseleek 20PCS/pack  DL357C

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Aeonium smithii Succulent Plant Seeds Smith’s Giant Houseleek 20PCS/pack DL357C Item NO.: DL357C

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Product Name Aeonium smithii Succulent Plant Seeds Smith’s Giant Houseleek 20PCS/pack DL357C
Item NO. DL357C
Weight 0.1 kg = 0.2205 lb = 3.5274 oz
Category Seeds > Succulent
Tag DL357C , bejequillo peludo de Tenerife
Creation Time 2018-09-19


Name: Aeonium smithii Succulent Plant Seeds 20PCS/pack

Color: Same as picture

Sempervivum smithii is a perennial deciduous, succulent shrublets to 60 cm high. It has rather untypical characteristics that distinguish it from other aeoniums. The leaves are spotted on the underside only, and when these fall off, there remains along the lower edge of the cicatrices a row of stiff hairs. After the falling of the leaves the hairiness increases and the stem becomes generally hispid (shaggy), though older stems tend to lose these hair. The leaves are spoon-shaped, undulated with many soft hairs, deep green with red stripes on both sides velvety to the touch and glossy on the upper surface. It is extremely prolific in blossoms, the flower stalks are up 15 cm tall above the rosettes of leaves. The flower are yellow 2.5 cm across, have usually 10-12 petals, eighteen stamens, and 10-12 pistils.

Leaves: 13-30 mm long, 1-1.5 mm thick, spoon-shaped or paddle-shaped, apically acuminate, basally cuneate, glossy above, puberulent, with conspicuous longitudinal brownish tannic stripes especially on the lower face. They have wavy margins, with the waviness varying from slight to pronounced, with conical cilia (less than 0.3 mm long) and some additional hairs (0.1 - 0.5 mm long). The leaves also have lengthwise purple or brownish dashes, especially on the undersides, and these are thickened water-storing structures. 

Inflorescence: Floriferous part 4-15 long, 4-9 cm broad. Peduncle 4 -40 cm tall.
Flowers: 8- to 12- merous. Pedicels 1-9 mm long, puberulent. Sepals puberulent. Petatls 7-9 mm long, 2-2.5 mm wide, lanceolate, acute, yellow, with reddish lines; Filaments glabrous. 
Chromosome number: 2n = 36.

 Package including:                                                                     

20 seeds / Pack, 50/100/500/1K seeds/pack

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When you planting, please soak it into normal water for 24 hours, so that it is more easy to germinate. If you don't have plant to plant it after received it, please keep it into refrigerator (0-10 degrees) to storage it. Its life is 2 years.


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