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Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 Seeds (35cm Tall)

Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 Seeds (35cm Tall)Item NO.: YQ-1020-Choice

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Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 Seeds (35cm Tall)
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  • Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 Seeds: Compact, vibrant, and adaptable. At 35cm tall, these sunflowers feature a stunning 15cm bloom, transitioning from green to sunny yellow. Perfect for year-round beauty, attracting butterflies and bees, and thriving with minimal water. Ideal for flower beds, landscaping, or pots—resilient charm for your garden.
  • Transform your garden into a vibrant oasis with Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 Seeds (35cm Tall). This hybrid sunflower variety stands at a compact 35cm (14 inches), showcasing stunning blooms with a unique color gradient. Perfect for year-round planting, it adapts to various temperatures, attracting butterflies and bees. With drought resistance and ornamental versatility, this sunflower is a resilient addition to any garden or landscape. Elevate your gardening experience with the beauty and adaptability of Bellfarm® Sunflower F1. 

    Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 Seeds: Elevate your garden with Bellfarm's hybrid sunflower variety, boasting a compact height of approximately 35cm (14 inches). This single-petaled beauty features a vibrant 15cm (5.9 inches) diameter bloom, with a unique color transition from green at the center to deep brown, culminating in a sunny yellow tip.
    🌱 Year-Round Planting Delight: Watch your garden come alive as this sunflower variety becomes a magnet for butterflies and bees. The single-headed inflorescence grows gracefully on sturdy, thick stems, offering a picturesque scene while supporting local pollinators.
    🌱 Nature's Pollinator Magnet: With adaptability to various temperatures, this sunflower variety is a joy to cultivate all year round, germinating at 2 degrees, sprouting roots at 4-5 degrees, and thriving in temperatures between 8-10 degrees.
    🌱 Drought-Resistant Beauty: This sunflower variant exhibits admirable drought resistance, requiring minimal water. Ideal for short-day conditions, it adapts well to various soil types, from fertile to arid and saline soils. With a robust tolerance for salt and alkali, it thrives where others struggle.

    🌱 Versatile Ornamental Possibilities: Whether adorning flower beds, landscaping, or potted arrangements, Bellfarm® Sunflower F1 adds a touch of elegance. Its versatility extends to cut flowers, making it a charming addition to both indoor and outdoor settings. Cultivate your garden with the resilient beauty of Bellfarm's sunflower variety.

    🌱 Quantity: 1 Bag (approx 50 Seeds / Bag), 2 Bags, 5 Bags, 10 Bags.
    🌱 Color: Yellow.
    🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.
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