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Compact 12-Cell Seedling Starter Tray with Dimmable LED Grow Lights - 16cm Height

Compact 12-Cell Seedling Starter Tray with Dimmable LED Grow Lights - 16cm HeightItem NO.: GSkit00MU6014-abcdef

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Compact 12-Cell Seedling Starter Tray with Dimmable LED Grow Lights - 16cm Height
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  • Elevate your gardening with our 12-Cell Seedling Starter Tray. Crafted from eco-friendly PET plastic, it offers six versatile options, each with 12 cells and a height of 16cm. The included 8-Bead LED Grow Light ensures optimal germination, while smart features like ventilation control and drainage make it user-friendly. Perfect for flowers, vegetables, and more, this compact kit is your key to efficient and hassle-free gardening.
  • Features:

    🌱 Versatile 12-Cell Seedling Starter Tray Options: Choose from six types – 1-to-6, 1-to-5, 1-to-4, 1-to-3, 1-to-2, and 1-to-1, each featuring 12 cells (4x4cm) and a height of 16cm (6.3''). Crafted with premium eco-friendly PET plastic, these boxes cater to a variety of planting needs.

    🌱 Efficient 8-Bead LED Grow Lights: Illuminate your seeds with one 8-Bead LED Grow Light per box, providing a dual-color spectrum (Warm-Blue: 3000K+5000K+460NM) for optimal germination. Adjust humidity (0%-100%) with the intuitive ventilation knob, adapting to different growth stages. The ventilation holes support rapid plant growth, ensuring controlled germination. The Type-C interface data cable is included, with a total length of approximately 110cm (3.6ft).

    🌱 Smart Drainage and Temperature Resilience: Each cell's bottom features a drainage hole, preventing water accumulation and ensuring ample airflow around plant roots. The seed fermentation trays exhibit exceptional heat resistance, making them sturdy enough to be used on heating pads or under sunlight without melting concerns. The tray bottom is designed to be waterproof, retaining overflow and preventing leaks.

    🌱 Optimized for Diverse Plant Growth: These user-friendly seed starter trays are uniform in size and shape, suitable for various plant types and growth stages. Lightweight and easily movable, they are an excellent choice for flowers, vegetables, fruits, tomatoes, succulent cuttings, and other plant propagation needs.

    🌱 Comprehensive Plant Propagation Kit: Elevate your gardening experience with this all-in-one solution that combines efficient LED lighting, ventilation control, and smart drainage. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned gardeners, this kit ensures successful germination and robust seedling development for a variety of plants.


    🌱 Each Pot Cell: 12-Cell.

    🌱 Box Material: PET
    🌱 Box Color: Black + Transparent.

    🌱 Box Height: 160mm (6.3'').

    🌱 Each Cell Size: 40x40mm (1.6''x1.6'').

    🌱 Grow Light: Full Spectrum.

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