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Jingyan® Organic Coriander Seeds
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  • Elevate your garden with our Organic Coriander Seeds from Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Each 10g packet ensures rapid growth, vibrant leaves, and an intense aroma. Ideal for home or commercial gardening, with a quick 30-50 day harvest. Optimize with low-temperature germination. Explore excellence in every seed through our search engine.
  • Features:
    🌱 Introducing our premium Organic Coriander Seeds sourced from the Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Each packet contains approximately 10 grams of high-quality seeds. This variety boasts rapid growth, vibrant green leaves, and an intense aroma with minimal fiber. The delicate and tender leaves are perfect for fresh consumption, providing a delightful culinary experience. With excellent disease resistance and late flowering, expect a bountiful harvest 30-50 days after sowing.
    🌱 Key cultivation practices include inducing germination with low temperatures during high-temperature seasons and using shade nets for protection. Prior to sowing, press the fruits to facilitate seed separation for better germination. Plant in rows with a spacing of 10-15cm (4''-6''), creating furrows 5cm (2'') deep, or alternatively, broadcast with furrows 4cm (1.6'') deep. Cover the seeds with 2-3cm (0.8''-1.2'') of soil, press down, and water thoroughly. During seedling emergence, prevent soil compaction. In the vigorous growth phase, ensure regular watering to maintain soil moisture.
    🌱 This versatile variety is well-suited for large-scale commercial cultivation and is equally suitable for small-scale home gardening. Elevate your gardening experience with these exceptional Organic Coriander Seeds, delivering both quality and flavor.

    🌱 Quantity: 1 Bag (10 grams seeds), 2 bags, 5 bags, 10 bags.
    🌱 Color: Green.
    🌱 Seeds Quality: Premium.

Customer Reviews

The seed packaging is particularly professional, and the seller claims that these seeds are from the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (Beijing branch), with seeds being very plump. After planting, they started germinating within 10 days. I will definitely come back to purchase again.
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