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MUCIAKIE® #162 Lockable Tee Mist Nozzles

MUCIAKIE® #162 Lockable Tee Mist NozzlesItem NO.: SPY-162

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MUCIAKIE® #162 Lockable Tee Mist Nozzles
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  • Enhance your misting with MUCIAKIE® #162 Lockable Tee Mist Nozzles. Choose from 10 to 500 quantities in this 2024 release. Easy disassembly, secure connections, and adjustable orange mist nozzles make it versatile. The locking connectors prevent detachment under pressure. Ideal for garden watering, outdoor cooling, and more. Upgrade to MUCIAKIE® for efficient misting.
  • MUCIAKIE® #162 Lockable Tee Mist Nozzles - 2024's latest release. Adjustable, closable orange mist nozzles with easy disassembly. Securely connect to 1/4'' Hose with locking connectors. Versatile application for garden watering, outdoor cooling, and more. Upgrade your misting setup effortlessly.

    MUCIAKIE® #162 Lockable Tee Mist Nozzles - 2024 New Release: Choose from quantities of 10, 50, 200, or 500 with this latest offering.
    🌱 Easy Disassembly and Secure Connection: This product consists of two parts - orange mist nozzles and locking connectors, easily detachable without the risk of detachment due to high water pressure. The orange mist nozzles are adjustable, can be closed, with a flow rate of 0-30L/h. The locking connectors are designed to connect with 1/4'' (also known as 4/7mm, with an inner diameter of 4mm) Hose.
    🌱 Versatile Orange Mist Nozzle: The orange mist nozzle offers two spraying modes, adjustable by rotating the cap for a direct stream or the maximum range of misting.
    🌱 Secure Locking Connector Design: The locking mechanism in the connectors prevents hose detachment due to high water pressure or temperature fluctuations. Installation is not only simpler but also more efficient compared to traditional connectors.
    🌱 Wide Application Range: The versatile mist nozzles find applications in garden watering, outdoor cooling, landscape misting, workshop dust control, livestock cooling, and even cooling irrigation for vegetable greenhouses.

    🌱 Quantity: 10, 50, 200, 500.
    🌱 Color: Black+orange.
    🌱 Quality: Premium.

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