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Muciakie® #166 2-IN-1 Irrigation System

Muciakie® #166 2-IN-1 Irrigation SystemItem NO.: SPY-166

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Muciakie® #166 2-IN-1 Irrigation System
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  • Elevate your irrigation game with the Muciakie® #166 2-IN-1 Irrigation System. Choose from various lengths and enjoy easy installation with quick push connectors. The durable PE hoses withstand pressure, heat, and freezing temperatures, while the adjustable nozzles offer three water modes for efficient watering. Perfect for gardens, orchards, nurseries, and more.
  • Elevate your gardening with Muciakie® #166 2-IN-1 Irrigation System. Available in various lengths, this easy-to-install kit features durable PE hoses and leak-proof connectors for hassle-free watering. Customize your spray pattern and enjoy efficient irrigation for your garden, orchard, or potted plants.

    Versatile Irrigation Solution: Upgrade your gardening game with the Muciakie® #166 2-IN-1 Irrigation System. Available in multiple lengths (165FT, 100FT, 65FT, or 33FT), this kit includes a durable Main Line (3/8'' PE gray water pipe) and flexible Branch hose (1/4''). Whether you're irrigating a small garden or a sprawling orchard, there's a size to suit your needs.
    🌱 Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complicated setups! Our kit comes with a handy water pipe cutting tool, making it a breeze to customize your irrigation system to fit your space. Plus, all connectors are of the quick push type, ensuring a snug fit without the need for excessive force.
    🌱 Secure and Convenient Design: Worried about leaks or disconnections? Fear not! Each hose connector features an anti-slip design, providing a secure connection that can withstand high water pressure, prolonged use, and extreme temperatures. Need to make adjustments? Simply press the lock for easy disassembly.
    🌱 Built to Last: Crafted from premium PE material, both the Main Line and Branch hose are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. With a maximum pressure resistance of 12 bar, they won't buckle under pressure, ensuring reliable performance season after season.
    🌱 Adjustable 2-IN-1 Nozzles: Achieve the perfect spray pattern with our adjustable sprinkler head. Standing at 7.68'' (19.5cm) tall, it offers three water output modes: single mist spray, 8-hole spray, and simultaneous dual-mode operation. With adjustable flow rates and a detachable nut for easy cleaning, it's the ultimate solution for precise watering.

    🌱 Water Pressure Recommendations:
          - For the 50 Sprinklers Kit, maintain internal water pressure between 4.4 bar - 5 bar (4.5-5kgs/cm2) for optimal performance.
          - For the 30 Sprinklers Kit, a water pressure of 4 bar (4kgs/cm2) within the pipes is ideal.
          - For the 20-10 Sprinklers Kit, a water pressure of 3 bar (3kgs/cm2) is recommended. If water pressure is insufficient, consider installing a booster pump for increased pressure.
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