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Muciakie® N169 Smart Hydroponics Grow System

Muciakie® N169 Smart Hydroponics Grow SystemItem NO.: SPY-169

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Muciakie® N169 Smart Hydroponics Grow System
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  • Elevate your gardening game with our smart hydroponics system. Control growth remotely, adjust LED lighting, and ensure efficient water circulation for high yields year-round.
  • Experience optimal plant growth with our smart hydroponics system. Featuring WIFI and Bluetooth connectivity for remote control and scheduling, adjustable LED lighting, efficient water circulation, and full spectrum LED grow lights, our system ensures year-round, high-yield harvests for your indoor garden.

    Smart Connectivity for Effortless Growth: Our #169 smart hydroponics growing system brings the future of gardening to your fingertips. With WIFI and Bluetooth compatibility, you can seamlessly control and monitor your plant's growth from anywhere. Set timers, adjust settings, and receive real-time updates on your smartphone, ensuring your plants receive the care they need throughout the year.

    🌱 Optimal Growth Conditions with Adjustable Features: Create the perfect environment for your plants with our system's adjustable features. The 5-liter water tank provides ample hydration, while the adjustable pole and full spectrum LED grow lights allow you to customize the height and intensity of light for different plant growth stages. Whether it's seedlings or mature plants, our system ensures they receive the ideal conditions for healthy development.

    🌱 Customizable Growth Modes for Maximum Yield: Take your gardening expertise to the next level with our system's customizable growth modes. Choose from Nursery mode for seedlings, green-leaves mode for vegetative growth, or flower fruit mode for flowering and fruiting stages. The intelligent LED control enables you to fine-tune light cycles, ensuring your plants receive the right spectrum of light at the right time for optimal growth and yield.

    🌱 Efficient Water Circulation for Accelerated Growth: Experience accelerated growth rates with our system's efficient water circulation. The included water pump delivers nutrient solutions directly to the roots, promoting rapid absorption and robust plant growth. Say goodbye to traditional soil gardening limitations as our hydroponics system can boost growth by up to 30%, resulting in healthier plants and higher yields.

    🌱 High-Quality Design for Long-Term Use: Designed with durability and performance in mind, our hydroponics growing system features a sleek apple white color, high-power 20W LED lights, and a 5-liter water tank. The intelligent timing cycles ensure optimal oxygenation for root health, while the telescopic pole allows for easy height adjustments as your plants grow. With this system, you can enjoy year-round gardening success and bountiful harvests.


    🌱 Color: Apple White.

    🌱 Power Supply: 12V/2A 24W high power.

    🌱 Telescopic Pole Height: 42cm (16.5 IN) MAX.

    🌱 Water Pump: Water circulation, root oxygenation, intelligent timing cycle oxygenation.

    🌱 Planting Pods: 14 Pods.

    🌱 LED Power: 20W high power.

    🌱 Water Tank Capacity: 5 Liters.

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