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Muciakie® N170 Programmable Garden Timer

Muciakie® N170 Programmable Garden TimerItem NO.: SPY-170

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Muciakie® N170 Programmable Garden Timer
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  • The N169 Garden Timer is your go-to solution for precise and efficient garden irrigation. With its large LCD screen and intuitive controls, setting up to 4 customized watering programs is a breeze. It offers versatile timing options from 1 minute to 599 minutes and intervals from 1 to 30 days, catering to your plants' specific watering needs. The timer's energy-efficient design, powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries, ensures long-lasting operation without frequent changes. Suitable for various water pressures and flow rates, it's perfect for misting, large-area watering, greenhouse cultivation, and more.
  • The N169 Garden Timer offers precise watering control with its large LCD screen and customizable programs. Its energy-efficient design and versatile settings make it perfect for all your garden irrigation needs.

    🌱 Enhanced Visibility and Control: The N169 Garden Timer features a large LCD screen with bigger buttons and clearer fonts, ensuring easy readability and user-friendly operation. With dimensions of 125mm L x 90mm W x 148mm H (4.9''x3.5''x5.8''), it offers a compact yet functional design.

    🌱 Versatile Timer Settings: This timer allows you to set up to 4 customizable timing programs. You can set a maximum opening time of 599 minutes and intervals ranging from 1 to 30 days. Customize watering durations from 1 minute to 599 minutes based on your specific needs.

        Stay in control with features like:

        - START: Set start times such as 12:56 for precise watering initiation.

        - HOW LONG: Define run times from 1 Min to suit your watering requirements.

        - HOW OFTENChoose watering intervals like 1 Day for automated irrigation.

        - Next Irrigation: Shows remaining time until the next watering session, like 22 Hrs.

        - Multiple Modes and Functionality: The P1-P4 modes offer versatile programming options. Use the ESC/OFF button for current and function settings, manual activation with the MANUAL button, and parameter adjustments with the + and - buttons. The SETUP/OK button acts as a confirmation and setup key.

    🌱 Energy-Efficient Design: Powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries (not included), this timer boasts an energy-saving design lasting over a year. Enjoy hassle-free operation without frequent battery changes.

    🌱 Optimized Performance: The 3-IN-1 water inlet (1/2'', 3/4'', 1'' female thread) allows flexible connection options. The built-in filter mesh in the inlet prevents impurities like sediment and stones, reducing clogs and ensuring smooth operation. Suitable for water pressure ranges of 14 psi to 115 psi (1 bar - 8 bar) and flow rates from 500-1700 L/H, this timer operates effectively in temperatures ranging from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius. It's ideal for various garden irrigation needs including misting, large-area watering, potted plants, greenhouse cultivation, and lawn irrigation.

    🌱 Watering Intervals: 1 - 30 days.

    🌱 Minimum Watering Time: 1 Min.

    🌱 Maximum Watering Time: 599 Mins.

    🌱 Interior Structure: Solenoid Valve.

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